Note: Please Make Sure You Read The Details of Iran Transportation Services Before Making Your Reservation.

Services’ Details

Tehran Imam Khomeini IKA Airport Taxi


Our Tehran Imam Khomeini IKA Airport taxis are 10 Euros per car we send to the airport. You can reserve this service at any hour you want and we'll take you to any desired hotel in Tehran.


IKA Taxi - Pick-up Time

A. You Already Have Your Iran Visa:

If you already have your Iran's visa, your IKIA airport taxi pick-up time should be at least one hour after your plane's landing time; this is to give yourself time to claim your luggage and exchange a bit of money.

B. You Are Going to Apply for Your Visa on Arrival:

If you're going to apply for your Iranian visa on arrival, your IKA airport taxi pick-up time should be at least two hours after your landing time; this way you'll have enough time to apply for your visa, claim your luggage and exchange a bit of money.

How to Find the Driver?

Our driver will meet you exactly at your desired pickup time, right next to the Information Booth/Desk on the ground floor of the airport, and he'll be holding a small whiteboard with your name written on it. See the picture below:

Ika taxi


Iran Special (Customized) Taxi Services

1. Through this service, you can book a taxi from any hotel in Iran to any clear destination.

2. Soon after receiving your reservation info you'll be informed about the cost of the service and only after confirming the correctness of the info you'll meet our taxi driver at exactly your desired pickup time and place. He'll be holding a small whiteboard with your name written on it to help you indentify him.

Note: Some of the commonly desired services have fixed rates; Ex: we'll charge you 10 Euros to take you from any hotel in Tehran to Imam Khomeini Airport (IKIA).

Tehran City Sightseeing Tours


Our Tehran city sightseeing tours are 40 Euros per group of tourists; from 1 up to 4 tourists on each tour.

1. At your desired pickup time, an English speaking local tour guide picks you up in a private car from your hotel in Tehran.

2. He takes you on an 8-hour sightseeing tour in Tehran and you will visit several of the most popular tourist attractions in this city.

3. The whole cost of your transportation in the city is included in the tour’s rate but the costs of your meals and entrance to the sights are on yourself.

4. Below is a suggested list of tourist attractions that you can visit on this tour in Iran's capital. Still, our tour guide will be open to your suggestions.

Golestan Palace in Tehran, The Grand Bazaar in Tehran, The National Museum of Iran, Iranian Garden in Tehran, Mellat Park in Tehran, Imamzadeh Saleh Mosque in Tehran, Darband


Bus, Plane, and Train Tickets in Iran; Prices and Timetable

You can check Iran's bus, and train tickets' prices and also their timetable when you get directed to the second page of the reservation form on the homepage of the website.

Book Your Iran Bus Ticket

Book Your Iran Train Ticket

Note: Regarding plane tickets in Iran, since the plane tickets' prices fluctuate, you'll be informed about the price when we get back to you soon after receiving your reservation info including your destination and desired time of departure.


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